The 29th International Horticultural Congress | Sustaining Lives, Livelihoods and Landscapes | 17-22 August 2014
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Congress Symposia

Abstract Submissions have now closed. If you have any enquiries please email the Secretariat.

Horticulture – sustaining lives, livelihoods and landscapes

The theme of "Horticulture - sustaining lives, livelihoods and landscapes" has the following sub-themes:

  • Sustaining lives
  • Sustaining livelihoods
  • Sustaining landscapes
  • Tropical horticulture

We have developed the below list of concurrent symposia within each sub-theme. There will also be a number of workshops held in which topical issues and research topics can be discussed by delegates.

While there will be a number of keynote speakers addressing the main topics, we strongly encourage all congress delegates to take part in the symposia and workshops.

Confirmed Symposia

Sustaining Lives

  1. Human Health Effects of Fruits & Vegetables (FAVHealth2014, 6th International Symposium)
  2. Horticulture & Human Communities: People, Plants and Places (incorporating 12th International People Plant Symposium)
  3. Horticulture in Developing Countries & World Food Production
  4. Impact of Asia-Pacific Horticulture – Resources, Technology and Social Welfare
  5. Water Scarcity, Salination & Plant Water Relations for Optimal Production & Quality
  6. Horticulture to Improve the Livelihoods of Communities in Developing Countries (now merged with Symposium 3)
  7. FAO/WHO Horticulture for Nutrition Workshop*
  8. * Please note this workshop will be held prior to IHC 2014 and will not be part of the abstract submission process

Sustaining Livelihoods

Fruit & Nut Crops

  1. Physiology of Perennial Fruit Crops and Production Systems in a Changing Global Environment
  2. Abscission Processes in Horticulture and their Manipulation to Improve Crop Growth, Development and Quality
  3. 4th International Symposium on Tropical Wines & International Symposium on Grape & Wine Production in Diverse Regions
  4. Consumer and Sensory Driven Improvements to the Quality of Fruits and Nuts
  5. Interactions! Local and Global Berry Research and Innovation (2nd International Symposium)

Vegetable Crops

  1. Promoting the Future of Indigenous Vegetables Worldwide
  2. High Value Vegetables, Root and Tuber Crops and Edible Fungi – Production, Supply and Demand


  1. Ornamental Horticulture in the Global Greenhouse

Production & Supply Chain

  1. Mechanisation, Precision Horticulture and Robotics
  2. The Non-destructive Assessment of Fruit Attributes
  3. Innovative Plant Protection in Horticulture
  4. Postharvest Knowledge for the Future

Sessions with the Fifth World Congress for Medicinal & Aromatic Plants (WOCMAP)

Other WOCMAP Sessions

  • S1: From Biodiversity to Finished Products - Production, Phytochemical Studies and Quality Control of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants
  • S2: New Biological and Pharmacological Approaches to the Study of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants
  • S3: Medicinal and Aromatic Plants - The Interface Between Local Knowledge, and Environmental and Health Sciences